Consulting Department


We make sure that our consultation services are customized to the individual needs of a project. The beginning of each and every project is with an in-depth client discussion, covering all specifications that are of utmost importance, including client’s need, materials, budget and land availability. We formulate design plans that utilize every available unit of space inside and outside of the building, in the most productive manner. Our estimates and costs always stay true to client’s budget. Their ideology is the prime factor while deciding the scheme of working processes. We appoint engineers and architectural-Index designers who analyse the client requirements in depth and start framing possible and practical solutions. They work as a team while presenting design proposals to the stakeholders and authorized regulatory to seek permissions as per the project requirements. At times, as per client’s wish, we extend our services for the selection of site to be used for a project construction. It is indeed highly rewarding when we witness the creative inputs coming into life through construction, design and eventual habitation. Regular exchange of inputs keeps taking place throughout the project cycle between the client and the architect.

 We make sure that the working camaraderie between us and our clients gradually leads to a victorious collaboration and materialises their vision into reality. You can count on us to lead your project to successful completion, in your budget, well in time.